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I Am the Film

I’m not the kind of person who normally deals out opinions on movies, film or documentaries. Today though, I’m going to recommend you see a documentary called ‘I Am’. It’s witty and funny and informational and most of all it will have you thinking about the world we currently live in.

Tom Shadyac produced this film. If the name isn’t immediately familiar to you, maybe you’ll know some of his other movies like Ace Ventura, Evan Almighty, The Nutty Professor and many others. If you aren’t a fan of that kind of movie, don’t let that turn you away from the power of this film. He’s probably not someone who you would think would create a documentary that could actually speak volumes to the way we as humans live today, but he does in fact, do just that.

Taken from the I Am website:

“Armed with nothing but his innate curiosity and a camera crew, Shadyac embarked upon a journey to discover how he as an individual, and we as a race, can improve the way we live.”

This documentary gathers some of the great minds of our time, from religious leaders, to scientists, historians and others to ask the questions “What is wrong with our world?” and “What can we do about it?”

I hope you take the time to seek this documentary out and I hope that you are moved as others have been to do more. You as an individual, or with other like-minded people can make a difference, you have that ability.


One comment on “I Am the Film

  1. Hi, I read your response on the I am forrum….you worded it perfectly ( its EXACTLY how I feel too ) I also want to talk with more out there about the films meaning and what we can do. I do feel awakened ( i was already on that path, but didnt quite understand ) until now…..I feel if deep inside, its an overwhelming, undescribable feeling. Have you thought about a discussion group on facebook? There are two Tom Shadyac groups, but they are both more fan groups of Toms ( which is great, and many do mention the film “I am” ) but I need more lol Im a doll artist with many artist friends and im going to be sending a few that I know it will affect the most. Ive also mentioned the documentary many times alreay on facebook….
    Hope we can talk in more detail….
    Laurie Everton in NC

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